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AustoStat is included in the standard curriculum of the 4-day Advanced AMS Machinery Manager course (course # 2070). This 2-day session only covers AutoStat in the AMS Machinery Manager software.

Alarms are an important part of any analysis program. Properly setting alarms allows the user to quickly identify an abnormal machine condition and reduces time spent analyzing machines that are running in acceptable or “normal” condition.

AMS Machinery Health Manager provides the user the ability to create up to 12 parameter bands with alarms in addition to the Overall value.  Calculating ideal alarm values for these parameters can be very complicated.  Autostat uses statistical analysis to provide limit values for the individual parameter bands by analyzing the data associated with similar pieces of equipment.

This two day session is designed for students have a basic understanding of AMS Machinery Health Manager and will guide these user’s through the process of using Autostat for the generation of both Analysis Parameter sets and Statistical narrowband Envelope generation.




• Analysis Parameter Alarms vs/ Narrowband alarms – What’s the difference?
• Database Setup Requirements and reports
• Creating and Editing Analysis Groups
• Modifying  and Creating New Parameter Alarms
• Creating and Editing Statistical Envelopes
• Using these alarms within the Vibration Analysis Plotting application